Welcome! I'm thrilled that you are here. My name is Eden and I'm a photographer of all things love-related based in Nashville, TN with my husband Alex and our two Australian Shepherds: Hadley and Harper. When I'm not shooting (or editing) a wedding, you could usually find me cuddling with dogs as they try to escape my grasp, relaxing with my husband + a glass of champagne, or thrifting at antique shops like it's going out of style.

My love for photography began as a kid, filling countless disposable cameras with 'portraits' of my favorite Beanie Babies in all of the most flattering poses. Since then, I've shot the occasional inanimate figure, but personalities only found in humans are by far my favorite to photograph. I am a light-chaser and shadow-lover. Eyes always peeled for the sweet space where art + life merge, crafting images that encompass the natural beauty in everything around me: the light, the subjects, and the moment. 

Weddings are a joy to be involved in, and I never take lightly the consideration to photograph your special day and preserve those details + memories for generations. 

Let's get coffee. Drop me a line on my contact page. 

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